Titer Reload Waxy Maize 2kg unflavoured

RELOAD WAXY MAIZE is an innovative amylopectin-based carbohydrate derived from corn starch.

Amylopectin is known as the smart carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy that we have, and they help us to maintain an adequate glycemic index in order to let us training effectively. Amylopectin has a very high biological value.

Specifically, amylopectin is a type of polysaccharide constituted by a branched structure, which is formed by multiple glucose units. Each amylopectin molecule contains between 100,000 and 200,000 glucose units.

RELOAD WAXY MAIZE is characterized by having a high molecular weight, which translates into less molecular degradation. The higher molecular weight, the less degradation. The high molecular weight indicates the amount of glucose molecules which will be degraded, so amylopectin helps to optimally and efficiently glycogen stores replenishment.

Another advantage of RELOAD WAXY MAIZE compared to other carbohydrates (dextrose, maltodextrin, ...) is that it does not disproportionately alter insulin, thereby reducing the possibility of hypoglycemia after physical activity.

RELOAD WAXY MAIZE helps to increase endurance and sports performance due to its high energy intake with low osmolarity, which indicates that it will not absorb water or stomach fluids and thus prevent cramps or stomach upset.

What are the benefits and features of REALOAD WAXY MAIZE?

  • Helps to recharge glycogen reserves quickly and efficiently.
  • Helps to increase endurance.
  • Helps to improve sports performance.
  • Helps to improve recovery.
  • Immediate and sustainable energy source.
  • High molecular weight.
  • Low osmolarity.
  • No insulin spikes.
  • Quick absorption.
  • Sugar free.
per 50g per 100g
Energy Value 738kJ
of which saturated
of which sugars
Proteins 0,3g 0,2g
Salt 0,02g 0,01g
Amylopectin 50g

100% amylopectin (waxy maize starch).

Mix 50 g (1 scoop to 80ml measuring) in 300-350ml of water and take before, during or after your workout. Before training, can be combined with a protein source or minerals to maintain hydration. After training, can be combined with proteins to replenish muscle glycogen stores.
Para una mejor disolución, utilizar un shaker DMI.