Titer Perfect Glyco Pro 1kg unflavoured

PERFECT GLYCO PRO is the next-generation carbohydrate. It is formulated using Cluster Dextrin ™ patent, the most recognized brand worldwide.

Cluster Dextrin™, also known as highly branched cyclic dextrin or cyclodextrin, is the perfect carbohydrate for athletes due to its high solubility, speed to reach the bloodstream and fast gastric emptying. Helps to maintain high blood glucose levels (ideal for energy-intensive workouts), but no causing insulin spikes and no inhibiting fat burning. Due to fast gastric emptying, energy from carbohydrates reaches the muscles earlier and, the most important, on a sustained basis.

Cluster Dextrin™ is produced from the degradation of amylopectin, so it has characteristics that are common for both of them, but with added benefits. It is achieved using starch-branching enzymes which degrades it through a process called cyclization, maintaining its basic structure.

Numerous studies have confirmed that consuming Cluster Dextrin™ increases endurance and sports performance due to the high energy intake with low osmolarity. The main advantage over other carbohydrates (dextrose, maltodextrin, ...) is by causing a fast glucose release in the blood by increasing the amount of produced insulin, which later translates into a sharp drop in energy levels.

What are the benefits and features of PERFECT GLYCO PRO?

  • Helps to recharge glycogen reserves quickly and efficiently.
  • Helps to increase endurance.
  • Helps to improve sports performance.
  • Helps to improve recovery.
  • Immediate and sustainable energy source.
  • Low osmolarity.
  • No insulin spikes.
  • Fast gastric emptying.
  • Sugar free.
per 50g per 100g
Energy Value 811kJ
of which saturated
of which sugars
Proteins 0g 0g
Salt 0g 0g

Cyclodextrin (Cluster Dextrin™).

Mix 50 g (1 scoop to 80ml measuring) in 300-350ml of water and take before, during or after your workout. Before training, can be combined with a protein source or minerals to maintain hydration. After training, can be combined with proteins to replenish muscle glycogen stores.
For better dissolution, use a DMI shaker.