DMI NUTRITION was born from the fusion of knowledge of a group of professionals with extensive experience for more than 25 years in dietetics and sports nutrition sector with a huge enthusiasm for developing an innovative and effective range of products focused on professional athletes, or amateurs, as well as people who want to have healthy lifestyle habits.

The philosophy of DMI NUTRITION is to be spot on the excellence of all our products. Each of them has been developed by our experienced R&D department following the highest current quality standards on the market. We have used the best raw materials and the most exclusive patents with the highest recognition worldwide to achieve truly innovative and efficient products in order to meet all the needs of the most demanding consumer. Finally, our state-of-the-art laboratories have the most rigorous health certificates (GMP, FDA, BRC, IFS) to guarantee the highest quality throughout the manufacturing process and the strictest food safety regulations are met.

A fundamental characteristic of DMI NUTRITION is the high concentration per dose of each of the active ingredients (synonymous of products which really work), as well as some really delicious flavors, which will make supplementation very pleasant.

Another priority objective that we have set ourselves at DMI NUTRITION is the creation of a product line that is as healthy as possible by being aware of the current consumer need to obtain results without giving up the benefits of each product. Due to this, all our capsules are vegetable (veggie capsules) without artificial colors and we use Fibregum® (acacia gum) as an anti-caking agent, thus avoiding synthetic ingredients. The powdered products are formulated without added sugars and none of them have aspartame as a sweetener.

We will be delighted to start this journey hand in hand to create a great community together. We are committed to have an exclusive dedication in order to always be at the forefront of nutrition with the sole objective of always offer you the most effective and revolutionary products on the market. We would like to have direct contact through our platforms (social networks, blog, web) where we will inform you of all our products, news, recipes, trainings,…

We are convinced that DMI NUTRITION will become a benchmark brand and we will be your best ally both in training and in health care and, together, we will achieve all our goals.